Friday, October 25, 2002

Oh well.. BJ thinks I should share this essay I did last trimester with you peeps.. So, here goes!

How To Spice Up Your Life

Do you think your life is boring? Or even worse, do you have a life? Do you feel that you need to do something but you just can't figure out what it is? Well, obviously you need to spice up your life. And to do so is just easy. Follow these steps and you can make big improvements to your life!

There are so many activities you can start off with. But for starters, find something fun to do around you. My first suggestion is for you to walk towards the nearest telephone and call up your old and dearest friends. Suggest a place for you to meet and reunite so you can catch up on their news. But if you think your friends are boring, make new ones! Go someplace crowded to meet people. Don't be too shy to approach an interesting looking stranger; but if you are, just try bumping on them and say much more than just "sorry".

If you're at home or your hostel room, don't stay there for long! Go outside to get some fresh air. If you have a car, drive out! Or even better, hold a road trip with your other bored friends. And if you're a silly type kind of person, don't stop yourself from being YOU! Do not let anyone tell you what you shouldn't do. Life is a risk and you will learn from mistakes and anyway, being silly can be fun!

Do not let work take over the time you should spend to pamper yourself. You need to relax and not getting panic over life. If your life is hectic, do not forget to take a pause and breathe. Everyone needs that once in a while.

Another way to relax is just by hanging around someplace nice where they serve great food. Stuffing yourself with food can be relaxing! And maybe you should learn to meditate or practice yoga for better air and blood circulation. It's good to maintain your health.

But if you have too many things burdening your heart and mind, just let it out. Holding it in will only make you suffer from pain. The best way to let it out is by shouting or scream. It may not solve any problem but it will help you relax and find the best way to solve your problem. The time for you to let it out varies from the dead of night to the moment an airplane pass you by. If you shout and scream at night, you can assume how much tense you feel. But by shouting and screaming as an aeroplane pass you by can avoid you from being mad at or cursed.

Another important essence for you to spice up your life is by thinking positive. Never let minor things burden your heart and mind too much. Remember that they are only minors, which means that there are other important things you should put your mind into. If a bad thing ever happens to you, keep in mind that it happens for a reason and that it won't stay bad forever. There will be good things at the end of it if you let time be.

Spicing up your life doesn't concern only on having fun. If you know when and how to relax and also to think of life positively, your life would seem happier and interesting. If my suggestions does not work, try Spice Girls' advise; slam it to the left, shake it to the right, chicas to the front and go round! There.. all spiced up!

Hihhi.. ain't that silly? Well, that's how I usually write my essays anyways.. Humm.. amazingly, Ms Zaiha drew a smiley face on my paper and wrote "Well done!" for this essay.. Hihhihi.. Sorry for putting up my essay instead of a real blog.. I am totally clueless on what I should tell you peeps for tonight.. huuu..


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