Monday, October 14, 2002

Rainbows? Naahh.. that is SO over-rated!
Yeaaayyy!! Feeling much better now! Hihhihik! Kewl kewll! See see? Mood swings.. simpthoms of PMS.. Ahhahha!! Honestly.. the only times that I'm so thankful about being a girl is in Ramadhan (where I can at least have a break for a week from fasting), when people started talking about men's responsabilities.. and with the fact that I don't have to be brave to make a FIRST MOVE!! Ahahhaha!! Seriously.. periods can be sooo fussy.. yeech! And now, what's wrong with me? Talking 'bout period.. AHHAHA! I'm stopping~
Much much happier.. Weeeee!! It's good when you let go of things, ekk!! Kewl kewll!
Now.. should I go or shouldn't I for English? Malasnye mak datukk!
uUuUu.. honestly, just wanted to say.. How intimidated I was when I saw this girl pierced her eyebrow..! I just bumped to this girl last night.. small.. very petit.. Fadhilah is it, her name? Huu.. confused! But anyways.. I was like.. 'eh? piercing on her eyebrow!' And then one thing hit me.. O MY GOD!! She wears tudung lahh!! Huuu..! That is like so kewl!! But of course.. I'm not going to do THAT in any way.. Sheesh! Though I'm sick and tired of being a 'nice person' ehhe.. but piercing on anywhere else other than my ears is out of the question.. Hihhihik! Kewl? Maybe.. But that's not my style! Yeah yeahh!!
Get back later~!

Current song : There Is by Boxcar Racer
~ will you sleep tonight or will you think of me ~


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