Monday, October 07, 2002

Saturday = lousy day!, Sunday = bluerrghh!
Hehh.. That was my weekend! No, not that it's that crappy! Just.. some parts of it are just... pretty disappointing! Sheesh!
Woke up on Saturday morning.. got ready and went back to kampung. Of course I didn't stay for long. Me and Dida left for the cinema not so long after we got there. Sadly, Nina couldn't come along with us 'coz her fiance, Jasmin SUDDENLY decided to come over with his parents to set the date of their wedding. Sheesh! Not that she can't leave.. she could, but Papa told Nina to learn how to do that kuih kemboja from Embah (grandmother in Java). Why? Because Jasmin's family liked it so much!! Urrghhh!! Such a party pooper they are!! Jasmin.. Papa.. sheesh!! Anyways.. managed to catch Dark Water with Dida in Mid Valley.. It was pretty suspense! It's not really that scary.. considering that I managed to control my tears.. AHHAHA!! Well, the storyline is pretty sad.. I have to say that it's quite enjoyable.. but The Eye is much more scarier! ^_^
Anyways.. then.. humm.. the day didn't get any much better! Bluerrggh!! Buat sakit ati jek! I was pretty much ignored for the whole night.. and it's just so frustrating! I've been messaging some of my friends but no reply came.. Sheesh! So I was on strike for the whole Sunday. Turned my phone off 'coz I was pretty angry.. I mean, what's the point of having a phone if it doesn't ring?? Might as well save the battery for some other day! Huhh!! Only turned it on again last night..
Sunday.. humm.. was left alone in my home.. 'coz the rest of the family went for Dida's convocation thingy. Well, I amused myself yesterday.. who would've thought that I can get sleepy by listening to rock music? Ihhihihihik! I blasted the player and I kinda dozed off for a while 'til my subconcious mind reminded me that I need to pack up my stuff.. Hehh!
Going out this evening with Nina and Dida.. to make out the time we're SUPPOSED to spend together in the weekend (which was ruined by JASMIN!! Urrghh!!) But the gurls planned to go out tonight! Huwaaa!! To catch a mid-night movie!! Huwaaa!! Then.. I might get back here.. when they're all gone in the middle of the night! Huwaaa!! Well.. I'll think of something! Sheesh!
Going for English at four.. haven't finished my summary though.. huhhu! And that Jonathan (or was it John??) lecturer guy said that my color list lacks of five colors! Aiyoo!! So many works to do!! Haven't even finished my Graphics yet.. Yeeheehee!! So much of planning to get it done in the weekend! Ahhaha!!
Well.. gotta run.. get back later~

Current song : I'd Do Anything by Simple Plan
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