Friday, October 11, 2002

Sometimes I get so weird. I even freak myself out
Humm... Just woke up! Gosh! The day was horrifyingly boring! After class, I bought myself a sandwich.. and after I ate 'em.. what did I do? SLEEP!! Ana is sleeping as well.. Hihhihik! I don't know.. somehow I feel like my cheeks are 'fatter'. Ehheheh!! Uuuu.. tembam tembam
Huwaaaaaaaa!! I am so *demm* bored!! This is like.. the most boring Friday I ever had!! Huwaaaaa!! The listening test for English this morning was pretty okay. Though.. I have to say that I have to improve my vocabulary 'coz I actually had to assume the meanings of some words. Blueerrghh! I hate to admit that I don't know about something. Sheesh!!
Humm.. sheesh! I may not be able to be on strike lahh!! Probably going back home this afternoon.. So much for merajuk! I hate when I'm not able to make my point!!
Ayyayya!! I don't know why I'm just so crazy for Avril's songs.. AHAHHAHA!! Noooo.. I'm not crazy about her.. but her songs! Oh well.. I think I should do some of my work now.. Later~


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