Monday, October 28, 2002

Vavi laa vavi!!! Tau ape vavi tu? Vavi laa!!
Vaviiiiiiii!! Memang dasar vavi lagi demm yang beribu kali lahh!! Huwaaaa!! Vavi vavi vavi!! Ikut ati sumer pon kuar!! Siaallaaaannnnn!!
I've typed down such loads of things just now.. How I feel about the things that's been happening about (around) me.. and when I clicked at post.. it disappeared!! Urrghh!! I AM SO DEMM FRUSTRATED!! Arrrrghhhh!!!!!!! *toot toot toot toot!!* (Gotta keep it down so my boyfriend wouldn't know how far I can really get.. Hihhihik~!)
I AM SO SO SO SOOOOO ANGRY!! Demm blogger.. Demm MMU!! The reason for why I am so angry with EVERYTHING!
Huuu.. it's about that second 'gedik' videoo.. I really hate the guy who spread the video around! I don't need to know him to hate him!! He suxX real bad!! He should really get hit by a cow or something! Even better, fell into the cow's dung as well! I wish one day he woke up in the morning with everyone in the world dissing him for his stupidity and his immatureness! I wish he'd suffer for ruining my friends' normal days! For everytime my friends gets dissed, I wish he'd get bitten my ten mosquitoes. For everytime my friends feel sad for what had happened, I wish he'd fell off from wherever he's standing. Urgghh!! I can really get farther than this.. but fuuhh.. gotta keep it down.. Huu..!
This time, all my friends are on it. I am.. partly in it to be honest. But 'protected' in a way.. if you don't look at it carefully. 'Coz I watched it plenty of times and I saw something that not everyone should see! *Demm!* Azura was behind the cam again.. So there were Ana, Mya, Fina, Sheeya and BJ on the "new" video. This just suxX!! I HATE!!! I hate the fact that I can't do anything much to make them feel better.
Just imagine.. when they started to get frustrated and sad.. I have to control my words even more carefully!! Or they might just say.. that I don't understand them.. the situation. Yeah, OF COURSE I DON'T! I'm not on it!! I'm not saying that it's harder to be in my position.. But it makes me even upset being all so helpless! I don't have the rights to say much.. 'coz it wasn't me who was in the video.. People can't see my face. But it disturbs me.. seeing my friends.. being upset.. over a supposedly-funny video! It disturbs me that I can't say anything to make my friends feel much better. It disturbs me that everything had been done and there's no way of stopping the past!! This disturbs me loaaddsss!!
Friends are simply indisposable.. and I care for my friends.. I REALLY DO CARE FOR MY FRIENDS!! THAT MUCH!!! Urgghh!! I hate that person!! He deserves ten slaps and kicks from all seven of us! Urrghhh!!! I hope that person is short and oh-so-ugly!! So I could say : Dahlaa takde keje, nak susahkan orang!! Dahla rupa huduhh..
pendekk lak tuu!!!
GET A LIFE!!!! AHHAHAHAH~! (Can someone please remind me how childish I can get? Hihhihik~!)
Anyway.. that guy really suxX! And someone should really tell him that. Weeyy.. Vavi la wei.. VAVI!!

Undeniably V A V I.. Vavi is forever him..


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