Sunday, October 20, 2002

Why should the feeling go?
Huwaa!! Feeling all crappy! Why? I don't know! Maybe 'coz I got in MMU too soon! I was napping while in the car, and somehow, when I opened my eyes.. I've arrived the parking space of HB4. God, this suxX!! The feeling right now is like.. when you really like something, so you're trying your best to hold on to it.. but somehow, something took it away.. just like that! Huwaaaaaaa!! I don't know why I feel so bad.
Amazing thing.. that my weekend was fantastic (before the journey back towards MMU!) 'coz I got to see my old friends again. Gosh! It's like... I don't know, it's just amazing! Made me realize how much I really missed my friends! Me and Musz took the commuter and *demm* PUTRA and met up Niez and Yat in KLCC! Weeee!! So sooo kewl! Walked around the place for some while.. talking and talking.. babbling and babbling.. yapping and yapping.. And then met up with Yat's roomies, Nadia and Iman (right?) and their new friend, Ikram.. who surprisingly knows the Imran and Irman twins! (pardon me if you don't get what I'm babbling about - Imran and Irman were my schoolmates in Sec 2) Hihhi.. and then, met up with Fariz and Dar! And what was our activity after that? Humm.. walk around again! Hihhihi! Then.. bumped into Alitt and his Beta friends.. who actually said BJ was supposed to be around the place!! AHHAHAH!! (Though.. we didn't get to meet BJ)
Huuu.. only got home around seven.. which then I packed some of my stuff and off to Musz' house I went.. Neat night! Talked and talked and talked about loaadddsss of stuff! We only got some sleep at FOUR!! Hahhaha!! What time did we got up? Humm.. Seven in the morning.. when we decided NOT TO have the morning walk we first planned.. ten o'clock when I said, heck.. I'm sleepy, still! Eleven o'clock when Musz calls out my name.. but then she went back to sleep as well as I did.. and finally when Ana calls me up to remind me that I HAVEN'T FINISHED MY FUNDAMENTAL PROJECT!! Huwaaaaaaa!!
Oh heck! Me and Musz sat around her room.. played around a bit.. Layan angau.. Hihhihik!! And somewhere around two we went down for lunch.. Then, around three I went back home. Now, if you're wondering where's the part when either me or Musz got our shower.. well, I didn't! At least not at her house! AHHAHAH!! I only got my shower when I got home.. Hehhehe!!
Oh heck! Need to do something about my work.. so.. later~


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