Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Wing A can be so sucky!
Bluerrghh! I hate those renovations at the toilets!! Just imagine.. I had to walk over to Wing C just to satisfy my bladder! AHHAHA!! It sounded a bit disgusting, doesn't it? But I'm telling the truth!! Coz most of the toilets in Wing A is not working.. NO WATER!!! Huwaaa! Means.. I'm supposed to wake up early tomorrow and shower in Wing C.. Bluerrgh!!
Anyways.. I just noticed that I've been listening to punk rock songs these days!! Waaaahh!! Hihhik.. I guess the thing that amazes me about the couple of bands I've been listening to is the fact that their singer has a real nice vocal.. but they just had to 'flatten' their voice!! Hihhihik! Cool though... had loads of fun imitating their voice.. Yeeheehee!
Wokehh.. one down, one more to go! I'm gonna need to get the other song Dida asked me to download.. Bluerrgh! Mengade nyer pompuan! Of all the things she asked.. she asked me to get Justin Timberlake and Nick Carter's songs.. and clear up her inbox!! Jahat jahaaatt!! Mempergunakan adek sendrik! Tak senonoh nyer kakak! But I miss you anyways! ^_^ So pleased that I'll get to see you when I get home!! Tak saba betul nak balek Jumaat nihh! Lepas kelas jugak nak balek!! Since Papa takmo amek time petang.. Balek tengahari lahh!! Yeahhh!! So I get to spend more time with you!! Yeah yeahh!! Happy happy happy!!
Owhh!! But I haven't get my smart card yet.. Shucks! I hate to get my pictures taken! Bluerrghh!
Just noticed the 'templates' for the messages in my hand phone.. What a waste of space! Of all the 5/6 (??) templates.. the only one that I MAY use someday is the one with.. "Please call". Chett!! The others were like.. "I'm going to be late.." Blaa blaa.... bluekkk!! What a waste!!
Wokielahh.. Going to get myself drunk with my mp3s while trying to do my - ngok ngek - Fundamental..
Get back later..

Current song : Things I'll Never Say by Avril Lavigne
~ If it ain't coming out, we're not going anywhere ~


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