Thursday, November 21, 2002

The clouds must be falling on me.. Ever felt so hurt that you just can't breathe? Well.. I'm feeling that way right now. Feeling so cold.. and my heart-aches badly. Even after I told myself that everything will turn out okay.. Will it?
Gosh! I cried for real for the first time in MMU last night. Boy, I feel so stupid.. so helpless.. so hopelesly devoted. I hate the fact that I cared as much as I do.. The fact that I need to know that a certain someone will be always there for me when I'm in need. Guess I'm bad at appreciating people, huh? Once... twice.. and I'm doing it all over again..
I guess the English paper just now wasn't so so so so hard.. But I really can't think right. I just seemed to be staring through the words.. or the words just seemed dead blurry to me. I know I wasted most of my time telling myself to concentrate. Really don't know how I'll score on it. I may get reaaaaaaaally bad results from it. I'm depending on luck right now.
Oh well.. A day of stupidity for me.. Maybe I'll get stupid all over again tomorrow.. And the day after.. and the day after that.. It may even turn out to be a stupid year for me..
Told you I won't be good for anybody..

Current song : I Don't Give A Damn by Avril Lavigne
~ I don't give a damn what you say about that.. You know I'm not gonna cry about some stupid guy ~
~* but I do give a damn and he's not at all stupid *~


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