Monday, November 18, 2002

Should there be any reason?
Huhhuu.. long.. long time since I had my last post. Well, not that I was so busy to type one.. but I guess I have nothing much to say. But heyy.. supposedly my website will be updated by this Thursday. What's that? November 21st.. since I'm thinking of going back home on that same day. (Have some plans for Friday and Saturday ^_^ ) Aaanyways, went out with dear Musz last Saturday. Got into some neat conversation about feelings so I HAVE to share this one. Hehheh.. so please don't take this as 'every girls' point of view'.. 'Coz this is just mine, and a bit of Musz'.. Didn't go around interviewing my gurl friends on this one.. just mine! Okie?

Now, if you ever wondered to yourself.. "why do I like that certain person?", but you just can't find that one point that you like about 'em, don't fret. It doesn't mean that you don't like 'em for real.. but it means that you may like 'em so much.. you can't point at just one! That you may like every single thing about 'em that it's hard to say even one because it's a feeling inside you. Deep down, you just feel so attached to this person, that there's no reason behind the feelings you have. That's called chemistry, my dear. No explaination for that. (perhaps fate!)
Don't force yourself to find that ONE point, because to find it, you would require to JUDGE the person. When you start judging, loads of things could come up. 'Can't she dress properly?' - 'Will he ever be this childish?' - 'He can't even say R the right way!' - 'She has bad breath'. Hihhihik! Now.. when you start judging, you'd start to see the bad side of that person. And believe me that it'll make you blind to see those good side of 'em again. Hahhaha!! Honestly, I don't really know if it's true but it IS better not to judge the person you like.. or err.. love.. Take 'em as they are..! Yeah, you can state what you don't feel right about 'em once in a while.. but don't too often please! They'll get bored.. ^_^ Well, if you can find so many 'wrong' things in your partner, that must've mean something.. right?

Oh well.. I'd probably tell you peeps about the rest of my weekend later. I am soooo tired!! Been staying up the whole night to get my final Fundamental work done. Huhhuu.. Reaaaaaaally gotta stop these last minute works! Yeech!

You know you're in love when you wait for 'em to call..


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