Thursday, November 07, 2002

Sleepy still.. wondering still.. haiyya.. wish I could just shout it out!
I didn't consult with Mr John!!! Huuuu!! What a waste.. But heck! I've never missed Fundamental classes before.. one measly attendance doesn't mean much to me.. yet! Hihhihihi! Just hung around the class just now.. Talked with the girls.. and then En Halim did talked to us about the trip in 3rd trimester! Weeeeee!! Trips always excites me! Hihhihik!
So what about today? Well... mostly I just slept.. So you can just say that today is just horribly boring for me! Yeech!!
Fasting seems sooooooooo sad somehow.. Away from home and all.. Break-fast doesn't seem so appealing over here... +_+

Current song : Your Body Is A Wonderland by John Mayer
~ I'll use my hands ~
What th-?!!! Yikes!!


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