Thursday, November 28, 2002

Stupidest day ever
Demm! What a day.. I didn't sleep at all last night. Went to MPH around 7:30. After I finished my Reading paper, I went out and got back to my room to get some shut eye.. (Thought I was free for at least 40 mins!) 'Coz the Writing paper would start around 10:40 or something.. and guess what?? I woke up at 11:05!!! So I got up like mad, wear my tudung as I cursed.. and ran as fast as I could towards MPH.. Gosh! I hate being late! Hahhaa~! Got to be the center of the attention for some while.. Heehee~! So yeah, I was late for about 30 minutes. Good thing the people who took care of the test still let me do the test! Waaaah~! How 'lucky' can I get?? Heehee! Managed to get it done.. surprisingly!! I am very VERRRY impressed with myself! ^_^ And some bit later.. the Listening paper.. and now.. I'm FREEEEE!!!
Yeech! Now, I have to tell my mom that I'm barred from registering for the next trimester.. Sheesh!
Anyways.. I'm tired.. sleepy.. sick.. and cramped at the legs! Feels like going to fall off! Sooo... later~!!
Happy holidays peeps!


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