Monday, November 04, 2002

What a weekend..
Nothing much! Got back around twelve and just what did I do? Can't really remember! But I do remember sleeping for the most of the day!! Just woke up to eat and watch TV! Sheesh! Charmed is getting a bit confusing these days and Survivor? Urrgh!! With the way it is right now.. I'm unable to be fond of any of them.. not even a bit!
Woke up around 9.. That's my usual wake-up time at home. I don't know... probably 'coz I'm used to wake up pretty early in MMU. Humm.. Got up.. watched telly.. all those CARTOONS!! Hihhihi.. (Getting crazy over Sakura-chan again! Yikes~!) Only managed to get my bath around 12 'coz the cartoons around that time doesn't appeal to me. Hihhihi.. Then, stayed in front of the telly again. Saw Fariz on Remaja. Hihhihi! Just 5 mins for that 'Kaki Bangku' slot.. Funny funny funny.. Not telling you guys why! Bluekk! So anyways, I kinda lost track of time.. I should be out at 1:30 to meet Musz! Good thing for Alexander Graham Bell's invention.. I managed to tell Musz to wait a bit. Hihihi.. So we went to McD's.. as always.. hung out there for two hours.. eating and munching soo slow.. if possible, even slower than snails! Managed to get some stuff for my assignment on the way back.. And when I got home.. Humm.. I napped!
All I did for the rest of the afternoon was semi-begging my dad to see the Malaysia Cup finals between Selangor and Sabah. But I suck at semi-begging! So.. that night.. we watched TV. But for me.. I watched the telly as I did some of my Fundamental assignment! Huuu.. while my dad shout around AS IF he's in the stadium! DUHH!! They can't hear you, Papa!! And Jasmin was around too.. He joked about Penang went for the finals as well.. So we were like, "Huhh??" and he pointed out that the referee was from Penang!! Chihh! Stupid joke! Anyways.. gotta say that watching the ball from telly was pretty much amusing! I mean, me, Papa and Nina had loaaddss of fun.. making fun of the commentators! AHHAHAH~! Stupid stupid guys... why can't RTM find any better people to comment on the game? Oh yeah.. Like I said.. Papa shouted some stuff while watching the game.. I managed to write some of it down to share here.. Hihhi.. One of 'em was.. "Bagi aku main lah!!... (a bit of a pause) nasib baik aku tua" Hihhihihi!!! Me and Nina was laughing hard back then!! And the one who puts the goal in.. Amri Yahyah.. well.. honestly I think he had loaaddss of chances to score (but only managed to get it done in the sudden-death extra time) and since he kept on missing to score.. my dad actually shouted "tinggalkan kaki kat rumah la!" Ihhihihihi!! We wouldn't get that golden goal if he did, now.. would we? Hihhihi.. >song mode!< Kecemerlangan.. kecemerlangan.. kecemerlangan jadi kenyataan.. AHAHAHHA!! Gosh, I miss the atmosphere in the stadium! And honestly.. I can't imagine going to a game without my dad.. Waaah~! I love my kewl parents!! Strict, yess.. but kewl!! I can even talk about my boyfriend if I like!! AHHAHAHA~! Gosh.. they've been asking questions now that Nina have spilled it out..! *~ Fariz, scared yet? Hihhihi..! ~* Lalalalalaa.. kewl kewl parents I have.. Tralallalala.. no matter how they could infuriate me.. I still care for them and I do think they're kewl! Yeah yeahh~!
Boring boring... went back to kampung for some while.. Then me and Nina offended Papa in a way.. sheesh! And we went back home.. he dissed some things at us.. Haiyaaa.. takpe.. takpe.. sayang nyer pasal.. sabo je ler.. takpe.. shaddap je laa.. So anyways.. kept quiet with my dad for the rest of the day.. Boring boring.. Sunday was such a boring day! Except for telly at the night! Hihhihi.. I missed CSI and Gilmore Girls sooooooooo much!! Feels good to be able to watch 'em again! ^_^
Still with the silent treatment with my dad.. Deepavali.. boring.. boring..!! All channels became Tamil channels instead!! So my mom put on some Hindi movies instead.. which were equally BORING!! But I have to say.. stupid women and men with huge ego and jealousy are such a horrible match!! 'Coz one of the CDs was about this misunderstanding between this married couple that never ends!! 'Coz the guy was just too ego to tell the wife that he's jealous that the wife is sooo close to her guy best friend and the wife was just sooo dumb to even notice how her hubby felt!! Dumb a$$es!
So anyways.. now I'm back in MMU.. honestly, I thought of returning tomorrow morning.. but thinking that I'm in a silent treatment with my dad.. I fear that it could get worse if I stay longer at home.. Huhhu.. BUT! When they all sent me here.. my dad still hugged me and kissed me and.. he said "I still love you.." Waaaaaaahh~!!! (he'd usually say 'I love you' everytime he sends me someplace. Well, it's usually goes from kisses on both cheeks.. a long hug as he said 'study.. jangan memain je.. take care.. love you..' Hihhihihi..) This sort of things that makes me hate myself when I get angry with him! Urrghh! And the sort of things that makes me miss the hugs from my dad!! Huwaaaaa!! Nak balek balekk!! Kan dah..! Tak sempat nak peluk puas-puas mase weekend!! Bodo btol gado-gado nih!
So.. okielaa!! Nothing much to say now.. I think I've said loaaddss already! Now it's the time for me to enjoy the apple juice me and Ana bought some minutes ago.. Later~!

Pakcik ni pon satu.. bila orang balek, dia kuar lak! Nak tido lah camni!! Bosan nyer pasal..


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