Monday, November 11, 2002

Who would have thought..
that I can be as homely as I am right now? Hahhaha!! All I wanna do these days is stay at home and hang around, watch the TV.. messaging my friends.. talking to my sis and dad.. (pardon me, but I don't do 'chit-chat' with my mom) Getting back home last week was not really a pretty sight. I thought my dad seemd a bit sick somehow. And no one spoke anything much in the car. (Probably 'coz everyone's hungry form the fasting) But when we get home.. I felt so relieved to see my dad smile.. Hihhik! And after break-fast, we all started talking about stuff! Hihhihik!
Been trying to use that chalk pastel. Kinda fun, considering that it's kinda like using charcoal (and I had loaaads of fun using that!!)
Having a bit of a head pain right now, so pardon me for leaving out most of the vital points I wanted to share with you guys.. O heck! I need to lie down..



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