Monday, December 23, 2002

Curses and stones
now, pardon me for the capital letters.. i'm having some problem with my keyboard.. can't press the shift key or something weird will come out.
well.. today.. it was kinda.. crappy in a way. honestly, i shouldn't really be affected by it. for an example.. take anyone that you know.. even yourself.. you don't need EVERYTHING in life, right? just some things.. and i've got my some things.. the rest.. wateva dude!
but anyways.. i have great roomies, i have to say. after class this morning, we went down to hb4 cafe for lunch and kinda hung out.. gosh, we hung out for such a long time. pretty neat...
though... i think i'd be happier if i'm at home.. hahha.. might be going back home tomorrow.. not that i'm celebrating christmas! but i'm using my chance to get away from my troubled mind while i'm at this place.... hehhek
okie.. later now.. got some things to do.. i think



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