Monday, December 16, 2002

Gosh! I got here around 6 and I still haven't finished my unpacking! Hihhik!! Found something in my bag.. a silly little card from that weighing machine.. Hahhaaa~!! It was funny.. to me, my dad and Nina. They laughed reaaaaally hard when I read it aloud.. I laughed a little.. 'coz in a way.. my dad and sister was mocking me.. Hahhaa~! It said, "IF a woman, you will make an ideal wife. You are loyal, responsive and endearing" Ahahhaa!! Of course everybody laughed! I'm almost none of that!! Yeech!!
Gotta get back to my unpacking! Gosh!! Who would've thought that such small card can do a lot of distractions?

General Meaning:

What has traditionally been known as the Sun card is about the self -- who you are and how you cultivate your personality and character. The earth revolves around the sun to make up one year of a person's life, a fact we celebrate on our birthday.

The Sun card could also be titled "Back to Eden." The Sun's radiance is where one's original nature or unconditioned Being can be encountered in health and safety. The limitations of time and space are stripped away; the soul is refreshed and temporarily protected from the chaos outside the garden walls.

Under the light of the Sun, Life reclaims its primordial goodness, truth and beauty. If one person is shown on this card, it is usually signifying a human incarnation of the Divine. When two humans are shown, the image is portraying a resolution of the tension between opposites at all levels. It's as if this card is saying "You can do no wrong -- it's all to the good!"


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