Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Just my luck.. I felt sleepy this afternoon but I just couldn't get my eyes shut.. And Fina played the movie in her laptop.. Empire Records. Pretty neat. Mark is so crazyy!! (and not mention.. cute!) ^_^
Gosh! I'm getting dizzy with the schedule! Honestly, I thought arranging our own shcedule was fun.. But really, it's more to streanous than fun!! Especially since the MMU people likes to change the first schedule to something different which leads to some clashes of my classes!! Urrghh!! Baka-na But it's okay now.. THANK GOD! I'm getting really reaaally dizzy trying to work it.
Okiee... now, I need to say.. that my webby might be up on Monday. Huhuuu..! Have this sudden shock.. of going back to classes again.. Realize that I can't finish it up as I expected.
Huhuu.. big possibilities that I'm going off sick in some days from fatigue!! I don't get enough sleep and rest.. I don't eat.. and I think I'm having this bit of "culture-shock"! I mean.. I've been hanging around.. relaxing for the past three weeks and now.. I have to get up early and straight to SHOWER.. and get ready for CLASSES!! And it's *demm* hot here in Cyberjaya!! I'm having a MAJOR dehydrationn!!!! Aaaaarrrrghhhh!!!! Plus, the fact that I'm MENTAL right now.. Huhhuuuu!
This so called "culture-shock" suxXX big time! I'm not eating!! HEEELLLP!! I'm just not hungry! Even if I'm eating.. it's just for the sake of spending my money on something and eating. It's like.. I'm never hungry!!!!! I just need WATERR!!! Aaaaarrrghhhh!! Why am I not hungry?!!!! Heellppp!!!
I wanna go home... I'll eat when I get home.. Huwaaaaa!! I want home!!!

Food suxX!!.. at this moment


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