Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Not quite ready to sleep
Stress.. helllppp!! My shoulder really aches right now! It's like.. super strained! Yeoww!
Actually I was about to go to sleep.. when I received a phone call.. from Rai!
Ehhehehek! Thanks for the call.. I feel appreciated again! Ahahha~!! Alwaaaays like that.. calling me up so late at night. For what? To talk about stuff and tease me! Ahahha~! Tak tahan.. dahlaa mentigakan pasangan! Koraaaaaannng!! Azraai "by"! Larikan diri!! Well, larikan partner korang la.. tu lagi bahaye! Ehehhehek! Sudah ramai yang menjadi mangse.. isyk isyk isyk.. And I pity them all.. Ehhehehekk!!
Humm.. felt really horrible right then.. but I am feeling much better now.. ^_^
Big thanks to the kewl guys I have around me! Hik!
OooOo yeahh.. I should mention 'bout my results 'aight? Since I don't think that it's too TOO bad.. well, I got 2.81 for my CGPA. Funny how I got the same points as Ana did.. and now we also have the same exact schedule for our classes!! Ahahhaha~!! Hope we won't get too bored of each other.. Hehhehek! Neways.. I got a big fat C for Graphics (I admit that I did horrible in the test.. all to my lack of responsibility to READ!) B- for Fundamental and a consistent B+ for my English. I have to say.. I'm amazed with that B+ as I did the final paper in a great GREAT pressure!!! Ahhahha~! Of course, that's an old story...
Oh well.. I REALLY need to get to sleep or I'll look horrible in the morning. My beautiful complexion!! AaaAaAaAa~~!!!
AHHAHAHAHHAA!! Yeah, right! As if I cared THAT much! Now, g'nite peeps! I do need some sleep.

Thanks dear.. you mean so much to me.. Wekk!!


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