Thursday, December 19, 2002

oOoOo gosh!
Can't believe I actually posted a silly entry. I've deleted it already.. not sure if anyone have read it.. Hihhik! It was up only for one and a half hours. Ehek! Can't believe that I'm losing my mind as much! Yikes! I'm afraid of what I'll say next.. I'm always scared of this.. Honestly, there's just some points when I feel like saying the things that are impossible to take back.. Honestly, throughout my life.. I think I've sorta let myself out for... like.. four.. yeah, I think four times. Which I regret one of it. Eheh!
Okaayy.. another crappy night, I have to say. I'm like... very close to explode. So.. I'll go out with Musz this Saturday.. Dayat.. confirmed that she can't come.. And Niez.. it'll depend on how she did for her papers.. and if her dad are satisfied enough with them. Huwaaaaaaa!! I just hate the fact that I can't control all the things I want!! Huwaaaaa!
This suxXx! Well, I sucked to be honest! I think I do need to hit my head on something hard so I could faint and forget the things that's troubling my mind.

No magic should be used between classes in the corridors


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