Monday, January 06, 2003

And the new week begins!
Heehee! A new surroundings for those standard one kids. Not that it concerns me.. I don't have a lil' brother or sis! But now that it got into my head.. did any of you guys out there remember what was it like on your first day of school?
Well.. I sorta remember that day. It was the very first day I met loaaads of people of my age. (I didn't go to kindergarten!) Kinda creepy at first.. and funny now that I remember it! That morning before Papa sent me to school.. he asked me to count my pocket money. So I went, seposen, dua posen, tiga posen, pat posen, lima posen, nam posen, tujuh posen, lapan posen, semilan posen.. seposen! Yeahh.. a sign how stupid I was with Maths.. My whole family still laughs at me about that 'incident'.. it's not like, my fault that I didn't knew that 'singgit' comes after 'semilan posen'!!
And this morning I asked my dad.. did he waited for me.. until recess time or even 'til the time to go home.. and he said they (my parents) didn't. They waited just for a little while to see how was I doing, and there's this one moment when I showed my knuckles to the guy who sat next to me.. and so they thought that I would be just fine.. Heehee! And so stupid of me to raise up my hand at the wrong name! Hahhaha~! 'Coz there was this girl with the name Hazwanie.. and I'd get confuse, and when the teacher calls up her name, I'd raise my hand as well.. Really embarassing! I did that for almost the entire year! Stupid... stupid..
Honestly, I did PLENTY of stupid stuff back then that I'm just totally embarassed to tell in here! ^_^
So what did I do last weekend? Nothing much really.. went around KL to find more stuff for Nina's wedding.. and went back kampung to discuss more stuff about that big day. I just hate the fact that now that the day is getting nearer, everyone gets a bit tense. I know my dad got mad at me last Friday for one stupid reason! Urrghhh! It's so frustrating.. and made me realise that resolution #6 (in my diary) is doomed to fail! It was actually to be more homely.. y'know.. stay at home/in my room.. do as I was told.. But when my dad got mad at me.. humm, naah! That one should be thrown out the window!! I wasn't born to shut up and listen! I wasn't born to stay put! I'm supposed to be a rebel, for God's sake!! HAHHAHAH!!! Thrashing and kicking is my game..! ^o^
Humm.. one long week this will be. It's a full 5-days week. Have to stay 'til Friday since I have an extra Maths class in the morning.. Huuu.. and I forgetfully left Ziraf and Toy Dolphin at home! Isyk!.. good thing I still have my owl and an extra pillow.. Hihhihihihik!!

So easy to make someone fall in love, but what does it take to make them fall out of it?


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