Thursday, January 23, 2003

Bodo nyer Nazri
The time now is 11:56 pm, and the server is down.. down.. down.. So I'm just typing this out just to tell my night activity.
It was really a waste of time.. Me and my mates went to the FCM commitee meeting 'coz we had nothing else better to do.. only to find out that we DO have much better things to do!! The person that handles the meeting was a real b*tch! And it's actually a HE! Huhh!! Guys like that deserves to die painfully. Okay, I may be a bit over reacting here.. but he's really a pain in the a$$! Good thing guys like that doesn't appeal so much to my eyes. Huhh!! (ooOo please don't say that he can play the guitar)
Oh well, should probably get to sleep right away. Really sleepy now.. and me and the gurls are probably going for a morning walk tomorrow.. Heehee~!!

Still feeling the same.. clueless..


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