Tuesday, January 07, 2003

I don't know.. it's so funny, yet so weird!
Hihhihik~! Fate is such a funny thing. When you thought that something will turn out one way, it'll turn the other way round. Makes me wonder.. what are we really playing at? I mean.. some things just makes me think about fate. I know this friend of mine (I know I can just tell you peeps the name, but I'm not sure who's reading this blog) who just got uncomfy with this other person because she told him something about her. And as days pass by, the more they bump into each other! Is it.. some sort of a sign from God.. that it's written in the stars.. that it's their fate.. or is it just coincedence? Hihhihi.. if I just got you thinking, congratulations! You just stepped into one part of my brain. Hihhihik! Not that it's a good thing.. 'coz my mind works in a funny way. ^_^
O Gosh! Haven't started one thing for my Graphics or Fundamental! AHHAHAHA!! I don't know why am I feeling so lazy. I guess I've returned to my self again..! But something weird happened today.. I LISTENED THROUGH ALL THAT MATHS LECTURE!!! Oh my gosh!! It's truly amazing!! My eyes didn't even wander around the room! Just straight on my paper.. and I did all the exercise too!! Oh wow!! Papa would be so proud if he knew about this! HAHHAHAHA!! Honestly, I don't know what has gotten into me.. I guess I just get hyper at the wrong moments.. Ohhohoho!!
Talking about my playlist now.. I couldn't delete those sappy songs I have!! Isyk! The more I listen.. the more I actually enjoyed them. I mean, Leigh Nash's song is sooo nice! Pretty sweet really.. so I couldn't bare to part with it. Hihhihik! And who knows.. maybe I'll need it someday.. ^.^
aaAaAAaaA!!!! I miss Orlando.. hihhihik! I wonder why I haven't found any hunk like him or Freddie Prinze Jr. all over Malaysia. I mean, it's impossible that those kind of guys are only in the US and UK!! I refuse to accept that!! AHHAHAH!! Anyways.. Orlando's birthday is coming up!!! Hihhihik..

Current song : Your House by Jimmy Eat World
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