Tuesday, January 21, 2003

I REALLY am leading an unhealthy life..
But I did went for an evening walk with Ana and Sheeya! We went to Street Mall, and believe it or not.. It was not tiring at all!! It was in fact, enjoyable! 'Coz it was dark, windy and cool!! Really nice! We shopped for junkies and stuff.. It was raining a bit.. but I'm not showing any signs of getting a fever!! Huhh!! Teringin nak demam kat sini.. takde rezeki agaknye.. Huhuuuu~! And owh, guess what I bought!.. a sachet of sweets.. and later, me and Fina ate fried chicken. HAHH~!! Really.. I am killing myself!!
But I AM feeling mighty sleepy and a bit dizzy... And I accidentally kicked BJ's tin of pencil colours.. Owwww!! Sakiiiiiiiiiiit.. +_+

Bad baaad feeling.. oh why~?!


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