Thursday, January 09, 2003

Kickapoo Joy Juice.. The Original Joy Juice Recipe
Hehhe.. going back home! Going back home!! Hihihihik!
Spent the whole day going from classes to classes.. And hour of Maths, then one hour break, two hours of English and another hour of Maths. Surprisingly.. I really concentrated in all of my classes!! Hahhahha!! I shocked myself today.. so yeah.. more notes, less doodle just MIGHT work after all! ^_^
Honestly, I have nothing much to say right here. I mean.. my head was really into something meaningful for once! It's just.... amazing! Hahhaha!!
And ohh!! I think, going to the toilet alone at half past 5 in the morning is waaaaaaayy to creepy!! Huhuuu!! I didn't even looked at the mirror when I got out from the cubicle.. I'd hate to see any other reflection than mine.. or maybe a shadow right outside the cubicle door.. aaAaaAaA!!! My imagination ran really wild!!
aAAaAaAaA!!! I'm really really blank right now!! All in my head is just.. "do Fundamental.. kalau rajen buat Maths skali"
And yeech!! My English is so sloppy these days!! I mean.. I was talking to Juvita and Avi.. and it went horrible!! Bluerrghh!! It's getting reaaaaaaally rusty!
Gosh!! I realize that I love being 18!! You can't imagine how much! I mean.. it's like.. I'm still acting childishly and all that.. but as I turned 18.. I learn about SOOOO many stuff! I mean, it's impossible not to appreciate them! You peeps might not understand what I'm trying to convey here.. but I feel so.. I don't know!! There's a feeling of preciousness in this life! If I weren't given the chance to live up until this day.. I would've probably died in stupidity. So little things that I learn. But now.. it's like.. I've learn loads of stuff about life, and it's truly cool!! It's just.. amazing!! ooops! Sentimental again, I noticed!
So anyways.. gotta pack up now! My dad is supposed to come by in 10.. later peeps~! Have a neat weekend!!

A different kind of like.. but not the kind of love..


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