Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Remind me not to sit here again..
In my computer lab, now.. crappy really.. 'coz there's a glitch somewhere for that Quicktime thingy.. The file won't show. So now.. I'm sitiing stupidly, typing my blog. I'm wondering something, though.. but naaah.. never mind about that. Not that important..
Ana's playing around with her work.. while I stared at it (stupidly again).. and giggle around 'coz she was doing it very silly..
Really.. remind me not to sit here again! This comp doesn't even have a Y!M!!! AHHAHHAHA..!!
So.. I'm kinda stuck.. have to do something, or I'll be bored to death!!! Ahhahahaha!! Deyy Ana, bile kite kena anta asenmen ni??

Leigh Nash.. Leigh Nash.. Leigh Nash..


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