Wednesday, January 08, 2003

That one sappy song I love..!
I don't know.. I'm feeling pretty normal, but I just can't stop myself from playing this same song over and over again! Just like Ana can't stop herself from playing I Need You by LeAnn Rimes. Really, I went to sleep last night with that song as my lullaby (Ana had her speaker on) and when I woke up.. the same song was still playing!! I don't know how many times the song have looped! ^_^ And when I put on my headphone.. I'd be listening to Leigh Nash repeatedly. I don't know!! It's sappy, and the lyrics kinda stick to me and still, I love it!! ^_^ Weird..
Last weekend I saw The Wedding Planner, perhaps for the tenth time.. and I just noticed that they had a really nice script. Heehee! Y'know.. the part when Mary's dad told her that he and his wife had an arranged marriage, and they hated it at first. And one time, he got scarlet fever and she stayed with him, took care of him.. and he appreciated what she did for him. "And that appreciation turned into respect, and the respect turned into like. And that like grew into love.." What a nice thing to say... ^_^ And that time when Mary was trying to make Masimo understand what she was going through.. she asked him, "d'you ever like somebody but the timing was off? Waaaay off? You feel things that you shouldn't be feeling" I mean, gosh! I actually grabbed my scrapbook and pencil ASAP and wrote those words down. I think it's really neat if anyone are able to convey messages with such pleasant words.. Humm.. maybe I feel this way 'coz I used to dream about being a writer.. Huhuuu!! I wonder what happened to that dream..... ^_^
Mak aihh.. geli hati nengok Ana on the phone.. Hihhihik!! Ana ni angau, kalah sumer
Okaay.. I think I tried my best on my crappy Graphics work.. had so much trouble with it.. Thanks Majin, for trying to help! ^_^ Y'know.. the next time I try to do things accordingly.. STOP ME!! It'll only cause me head aches... I don't belong in the 'skema' world. And now, the point is.. I've done my work, so I deserve some sleep!

Starlight, starbright,
First star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish I wish tonight


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