Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Truth hurts?
How far does a truth hurts? Is it really the truth that hurts.. or the lie or confusion that was covering up the truth?
Heehee.. it really depends on the certain person. Some people would choose to be lied at than knowing the truth. And to some people, they really aprreciate the truth.. and in some occasions, they're even happy with the truth! ^_^
Now, an outspoken person usually prefers the truth. Because they themselves only talk about the truth and it's not their nature to tell lies. And they'd appreciate it if the people around them would do the same. As for me.. I think I fall in this category. I mean, better get things straighten out than keeping ourselves in confusing matters, right? I mean, even if it hurts.. it'll only hurt a while. When we're confused.. we tend to think about it so much! So yeah.. hit me hard with the cold fact, next time. Pondan-pondan tak main laa Ahhahha!! I mean.. it's no use of telling just some parts of the truth.. Really.. just get it all out!
The other category is those people who REALLY lives in their thoughts and dreams. And, well.. people with some bit of mental instability.. Hihhihik! What I mean is, they'd really lose it if they found out the truth. They didn't want to be lied at, but they'd prefer it than listen to some bad things about life. Nothing should ruin their 'perfect' lives.
So, does truth really hurts? I'd say.. absolutely NOT. Truth helps a person to realize their surroundings and stop living in dreams..
As Rowling's character,Professor Dumbledore said in Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone.. It does not do to dwell in dreams, and forget to live..

Nothing hurts more than confusion and lies..


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