Thursday, January 02, 2003

Way over my head
I am waaaay too 'something' today.. I mean, I'm feeling a wee bit different today.. A bit.. hyper I guess. Hik!
Okay... my new year's resolution.. I find number two to be doomed to fail. Hahhaha!! I shouldn't be more selfish than I already am.. Hehh! If I am, that would strike out myself as a human.. Huhhuuu..
Humm.. Wedding Update One month before the big day. Not MINE, mind you.. Nina, my sister's! Tension starts to build up.. Hahhaha! Even I can feel it!! aaAaaAaaaAAAaaAaA!!!! I'm getting all spooked out about all this. Just one month.. it felt somewhat a bit rushing.. honestly, if I'm in Nina's place right now, instead of asking my 'future husband' to live together.. I'd probably ask him to die togetherrr!! AHHAHAH!! Huuu.. that was a bad joke, really..
aaAaahh! Alitt forwarded me something pretty neat! Gonna post it in a bit..
oOo yeahh.. I FINALLY CUT MY HAIR!! And it's SHORT!! Heehee!! It's been like.. super long time ago since the last time I had it short! The whole last year, all I did was trim it. Yeeheehee! Nina said it made me look 'younger'. Hahhaha!!
Owhkiee. Somehow I feel absolutely blank..

Looking things at the bright side now, but the dark side is still within me..


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