Wednesday, February 19, 2003

215=Bengong/ 3:20=Jealous am I?? Ekkekke!
Heehee~! Quite a nice day I'm having. O yeah.. gonna start from yesterday evening..!
Meteor Garden was neat! If you know what kind of 'girl' I am, sure you'd know why.. Things between Si and San Chai is going neat! Ekkekke!!
Anyways, then me and the girls went out to Malee at 11 something 'coz Fina, Sheeya and BJ just finished their Graphics work and all of us were pretty hungry and the food stall downstairs was closing. Somehow I fooled around a lot last night.. Ekkeke!!
Okehh! So we got back around 1.. (the electricity on our floor still suxX!!) and the other gurls but me and Ana were getting ready to go to sleep. So we spent about two hours watching Smallville, entah season brape ntah, yang pasti Whitney mati!! Poor Whitney.. what a lost of a good face on telly.. Ekkekke!! He looks real neat in uniform.. Or is it, most men in uniforms look neat? Ekkekek!! Anyways.. me and Ana weren't sleepy yet so we played T.A.T.U.'s live performance of Malchik Gei. Me and Ana memorize the intro now!! If you've seen the video before, you know which part I'm talking about.. ^_^ Ahhahha!! Kantoi lak.. tengok vid clip T.A.T.U yang agak kureng snonoh Ekkekek!!
And then me and Ana lay on the carpeted floor, and talked and talked.. Finally went to sleep at 5!! Ekkekek!! And we slept for 7 hours.. (we weren't having Graphics!!) And then went for Fundamental at 2.. ^_^ Some funny things happened in the studio.. but I won't be talking about it right here 'coz it's private! Ekkekke!!!
Afterwards me and Ana walked around MMU 'coz no one's in the room and we were bored. Hung a bit at the side of the road towards that tower.. really.. we were sitting at the side of the tarred road.. ^_^ And then came this lorry with four people.. Three of them were waving at us.. and they stopped right next to us and said, "Kenape dik, jatuh ke?" And then I said no and the driver nodded once and drove away.. (as the other three smiled) Ekkeke!! It was a pretty funny experince.. Caring nyer laa mamat tuh! Ekkekke!! And then we walked again, and got ourselves a chocolate sundae!!! Ekkeke!!
And now I'm in my room.. listening to my getting-boring playlist as I wait 'til 6 o'clock.. Meteor Garden!!!
Eyh, sape ade intro and ending theme for Meteor Garden.. tolong kasik bole taak?? Suka laa!
Eyh eyh.. don't you think it's kinda confusing when we talk about songs? Ekkekek!! I mean, every song tells a story..! It's just a case if it's telling YOUR tale.. Ehhehe! I'm talking on my behalf.. 'coz I've been posting on a lot of songs.. but do you think it means that I just like the song, or did I post it 'coz it was telling one of MY story?? Ekkekke!! Pandai pandai korang laa camner nak interpret! ^_^

Current song : How Soon Is Now by T.A.T.U.
~I am human and I need to be loved, just like everybody else does~


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