Friday, February 21, 2003

Almost two months?
Had my Maths quiz today.. And I have to say.. I'd surely be surprised if I don't get sucky marks for it!! Ekkekke!! Well.. honestly, I think it shouldn't be that bad.. but I had my thoughts on something last night so I can't really get the things I read into my head.. Silly me.. but at least I don't feel like banging my head to the wall~! So that's a pretty good news.. ^_^ Oyy~! Thanks Ana for the Sugarcult songs~ Sugarcult.. yeahh.. I think I should start that.. a cult with peeps with problem controlling their sugar intake.. Ekkekke!! Thanks Anaaaa~!! Besh lagu nih.. Cayang Anaaa!! Menarik Sugarcult nihh.. Doesn't exactly have the kind of look I like, (ehehh~!) but I think he has a pretty neat voice! Ekkekke!! What's with gurls and guitar and guys that can sing, huhh?? Ekkekke!
O yeah.. actually feels a wee bit frustrated right here.. Tengok blogger orang manyak cantik-cantik and mine is like SO hampehh.. buat sakit ati jekk!! Tapi nak suhh buat tags, Wanie malaihh la plakk.. HTML tags usually gives me the headache.. Bodo..!


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