Friday, February 14, 2003

Can you help explain ME?
Staring right into Ana's computer screen. I have nothing at all in my head.. Just something rather different and hurtful in my heart which is unexplainable. It's one thing to keep something inside of you. It's another not to know what's burried in there. So I'm left here, asking and wondering to myself.. for I've been confused for too long. How I wish I can rip my ribs open and let out everything I have in there. These feelings I have is killing me slowly. Couldn't tell how it got this way.. things just happen, supposedly.
Reaching for something that I'm not sure of. Hoping in something I couldn't even imagine. Wishing on the unseen stars.. Can't seem to explain anything. Why does everything looks so hollow from the corner of my eye? Where have those lights gone? Why are they replaced with such dark shadows? What have happened to the happy endings? Why am I having my thoughts on this?
For my thoughts have changed.. for my feelings has changed.. For I can't tell who's mind is this anymore.. For I can't tell who's feelings I have here.. For I not know who's this person anymore.. For everything had been different..

Crap~!! I hate this f*ckin' feelings!!


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