Monday, February 17, 2003

A change of decisions..
Honestly, when I came back last night, I said to myself.. "Heck, I don't think this week is going to be interesting to be talked about, so maybe I won't have to open up the blogger page.." Hehhe~! And then last night, I waited 'til Gilmore Girls was finished before I came back - all about the telly! And anyways, I'm not going to talk about Gilmore Girls though.. I actually have my thoughts on the ending of Smallville last night. Kinda nice y'know.. when Clark and Lana screamt right in the middle of the field.. Hey, I think I want that.. I think someday I'd want someone who would scream with me when things goes wrong.. Ekkekek!! I'm surrounded by positive positive people that keeps telling me that things will turn out okay and that stuff only work once every 20 times of sayings..! So maybe.. later.. I'm gonna find me a friend that won't put 'temporary-happiness' in my head, and just assist me in letting my heart out.. Aaaah~! That'd be nice..
Ekkekek!! I think it's been such a long long time since I let myself have a nice thought in my head. ^_^
Weekend was boring.. I was down with a fever.. slept most of the day.. but I managed to get my silly trailer done! Honestly, not so proud of it.. I think it's very.. entahlaa! Maybe I expected too much from myself.. and then again, I had that fever~! And I'm not really cured from it. Slept for just an hour last night.. how d'you expect me to get recovered! My chest hurts from coughing too much.. Stoooopid~!! But anyhow.. Just liked the way my dad said his pesanan to me last night. "Kalau tak sihat, call.." Ekkekke!! I know.. that's nothing really.. but I'm feeling more and more attached to home these days.. Why aah?? But right now I'm feeling the obligation to make my parents happy.. why aah? Never had this feeling before.. Selama ni 'lantak' aje.. nak suka.. elok, tak suka.. naseb! Ekekkek!! I've changed..



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