Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Demm tired!!! (February 10th)
Huwaaaaa!! I think my whole body is falling apart.. +_+ Had a pretty busy day, today..
The Fundamental lecture was nothing.. I mean, nothing much tiring about sitting in the theatre, making silly jokes with my friends. ^_^ And then, for the Creative Expression, we had to do this stretching movements which was pretty torturing, considering I haven't been stretching myself out for months and months! It hurts just a bit when we did it, but now.. the pain has multiplied! Huwaaaa!! I have to say.. the thingy for CE was kinda fun.. it wasn't all that bad.. rolling about on the carpet was something new, so I have to say that it was pretty amusing! ^_^
Then me and Ana went straight to English.. (supposedly we were late, but Ms Zaiha got in even more late! Hehhe..) It was nothing much.. had to do some poetry exercises..
And got back to our rooms.. Thanks Ana, for letting me use your computer! (Mine is still at home..) Maybe I'll get my computer back in MMU on Thursday.. Gotta stay for Friday since I have that English test! Bluerrgh! How I wish I could get back home on Thursday.. I wanna enjoy my Valentine's!!!
So anyways.. around 2:40 my sister picked me up for lunch and a game of bowling. God!! My hands are trembling! Haven't touched the ball for the rest of last year, and God!! It's so *demm* heavy! I do believe my arms are falling off my shoulders.. +_+ I won though.. with a pretty pathetic average.. 87 lahh~! Menyedihkan! But I managed to do 3 spares in 2 games! Ekekkeke!
Anyways, after the painful game of bowling, me and Dida finally got home.. spent the rest of the afternoon composing ringtones ('coz I was filled with BOREDOM!) and yeahh, went out again around 7:30. Spent the night in Petaling Street, can you believe it?? That was my first visit to the place, and I have to say.. it was a nice 'look'.. everything was all around you..! ^_^ I'm SUPER DUPER tired and in a HUGE amount of pain, but I guess it wasn't so bad.. Got myself a pretty neat shirt! (Though, Nina didn't really approve it.. heh~!)
Well.. gotta get my rest now if I want to feel better in the morning...

Current song : Sincerely Me by A New Found Glory
~ So can you see.. you're seeing less of me, darling ~


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