Monday, February 17, 2003

Demm my cough's getting worse. Been laughing and shouting too much.. Urrghhh!! Can't even sing a phrase without coughing.. suXXX!!!!!
Anyways, went to Street Mall for dinner this evening. Saw that Korean drama on TV3. oOo yeahh~! I did managed to see Meteor Garden. Gosh! I really like the drama.. I mean, the thought of a girl, surrounded by four guys just seem appealing to me. And it's just interesting to see whether San Chai will end up to be with Si or Zhi Lei. I kinda like Zhi Lei.. but Si was pretty sweet to San Chai.. "I like you so much that I can't even understand it. And it doesn't matter if you run away, 'coz I'll be running after you.." ~AaaAAahh!! Demm.. I am so girlish!!

Hudson's, you're such a buddy! Ekkeke!


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