Monday, February 24, 2003

Horribly dying..
Don't talk to me, don't make jokes with me.. I don't have the time!! My head is going to explode!! Didn't sleep for the rest of 24 hours, and I'm really crying for help here.. Really can't take this amount of pain.. And my friends kept telling me how miserable I look..
After English, I got back to my room and did my bit of Fundamental to show to En. Najib later in the evening.. So I did.. around 4, Aisyah and Nana came to our room and we went to see Lydia's list of names outside her room.. (we're in Group 15, by the way.. but with a bit of misunderstanding.. gotta straighten it out as soon as possible~!) So then, about 5 we went to the studio for the Pangkor meeting.. and it lasted for 2 long hours!!!! My eyes are threatening to pop out anytime soon..
Really.. I have to sleep!! Maybe if I feel like up for it, I'll wake up later in the night and get some more works I should be doing...

Once you've crossed that line, there'll be no turning back~!


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