Thursday, February 27, 2003

Not a very good day..
Kinda just got back from seeing Aishah and Nana jammin' in their friend's house in Cyberia. Pretty neat, really! They're gonna be in the Battle Of The Band (so they can't come along to Pangkor.. +_+)
Got some supposedly-neat addition to our Expression presentation! Might be having two guitars and a tamborine!! Ekkekke!! Macam band kat pasar.. Ekkeke!!
So, what actually made this day quite horrible? Humm.. start off, with my lack of sleep (as always!) which I can't understand why.. I just can't get myself to sleep at the right time.. Actually woke up with a surprise.. I found something on the floor and made my heart skipped a bit. Could I be seeing bad omens? Urrghhh!! Mengarut lah Wanie!! Karut karut belaka.. Just, something that never happened before, happened this morning, and kinda shocked me. Anyways, Fundamental.. well.. I had a pretty okay time, but I wished that the music wasn't so slooooooooooww! But yeah, I did some silly ballet movements during that hour.. Ekkeke! And then, had that committee meeting again.. Going to have that everyday from now.. Huuu.. And someone said something 'disturbing' repeatedly during that hour.. Kinda pissed me off, but not so bad-lah! Just, it kept me wondering why would anyone want to say it so many times.. Probably to see how I'd react.. but that suxX!! O yeah, should I mention 'bout how much food I consume these days?? VERRRRY small portion.. I didn't ate anything this whole day except for an early dinner around six.. and I can't even finish it, myself!! Something is very wrong.. but I can't pin point what it actually is..
A pretty bad day for me, mentally.. Guess the only real good news today is that me and Ana are going to work together in Pangkor later.. and that this is Thursday morning.. Really need to get away from here..
Tak tahan.. Feels like breaking down..

"What if my love for you is just one-tenth of your love for me?"


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