Thursday, February 13, 2003

Together means disaster..?
Hey heyy.. I feel different today. I wonder why. Have been staring into space this day.. I wonder why.
Humm.. I think I'll be updating my sitey next Monday. So 'til then, you can just read this blog or stare at my face at my main page.. Ekkekke~! But of course, why would anyone want to do that?! Well, actually my site is quite ready to be uploaded but I can't get my computer back here in MMU right now. Not this week at least, 'coz my sister is getting fond of it - just had Sims Vacation installed so she's going addicted to it.. ekkeke~!
O yeah, thanks Ana Fina~~ for letting me use your computers.. Hihihik! Lucky me for having two great roomies!!
Oh well, things have been.... different these days. How, I don't know. Things are just.. unexplainable..

Falling into nothingness yet again.. stooopid~!

Tuesday - February 11th 2003

Why would you want to talk to me
When you know that you won't listen
Why would you want to see me today
When you know that you're going away

That's what you always do
That's what you do to me
You say all those nice things
And made me feel all kinds of feelings
And when you had me there
You turn around and run away

I've tried that myself
I've tried to leave you, for a change
But whenever I lifted my feet
Seems like I'm hurting even more

I've been wondering ever since
'Coz I need to breathe on my own
Why did you do all this to me?
Why did you say all that to me?
Have you been lying since then?
Were you lying when you told me that you cared?

Seems like you've never cared
You hurt me even when we're apart
Imagine when we're together
Dark clouds 'round my world, rain and thunder

'Coz I just can't forget
How much I actually care
Even that it hurts me so
I think I just want you to know
That I'm glad for that one moment
I thought I knew you, but no more..


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