Thursday, February 13, 2003

My oh my.. tomorrow's gonna be Valentine's Day!! Should I feel anything? Of course I should! I am missing something this year.. I'm gonna miss those chocolates!! Huwaaaa!! I really miss Valentine's while I was with my friends.. pardon yourself, I've never celebrated Valentine's with a "certain special someone".. Just my good good friends. I remember those days.. Used to spend a whole load of money on chocs and sweets and me and my friends would give it away to our friends. Hihhihik~! It's usually fun.. Remembered that time when I bought a boxful of Fererro and printed some Valentine's note and stuck it on each of the chocolate and I pass them around.. heehee~! Remembered I once spent RM40 for some loads of chocs.. and remembered that time when Musz bought me a box of those small small chocs.. Ekkekke~! Gosh I love V-Day!! Classes on V-Day are usually more relaxing.. everyone in a pretty happy mood.. munched on chocs while the teachers teach.. And usually the teacher also asks chocolates and sweets from us! Hehhehe~!
Huwaaaaaaa!! I am missing Valentine's Day this year!!! I HATE~!! Such sad pathetic months I'm having.. Urghh!!

Being true to myself.. hope you're doing the same..


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