Monday, February 24, 2003

Where the h*ll did my morning go??
Didn't get any sleep the whole last night.. Must be losing my head. Ever felt so full of emotion, but you don't know what?? Or a strong feeling that builds up within you, but you don't know for whom? Oh well, lots of stuff to think about this day. Just realised that I have plenty plenty PLENTY of things to do if I want to get through this Alpha year (which happen to suck, really!) So now, when I thought I've done my Graphics thing.. and earned myself a weekful of resting, I was wrong! (as always..) Now, I gotta think of stupid Creative Expression which took war as a theme!! How stupid can that be?? That is like the most over-talked topic these days and I'm so bored of it! Y'know.. if U.S really wants war on Iraq.. come on, get it over with!! This all-talk really bores me out! Of course I'd say no to war.. but this stuff is waaaaaaay too much talked about.. Bluerrghhh!!
Okay.. I really should get my sleep in this couple of hours, before the Alpha commitee meeting at 5. (believe it or not, I kinda volunteered for it, along with my friends) Still hungry.. but not hungry enough to make me move and get something to eat.. Urrghh! I am so sick!!!
Gonna at least rest now.. just bought myself March's edition of CLEO.. so I'll have this bit of light reading before I think on those Expression and English product thingy..

Pooped~ 1419


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