Sunday, March 16, 2003

"Be a good girl.."
Oyy! Nakal sangat ke anak Papa ni?? Sabo je laa.. That's what my dad said when we said our goodbyes just now. "be a good girl.." AHHAHAH!! Sangat kelakar..
Been a very.. lonely weekend for me.. I miss my sisters so much!! Nina's been going to Jeli every other weekend, and Dida haven't been going back for so soo long! I miss them so much!! I miss the laughs we used to share in our small home!! Huwaaaaaaa!! I felt so lonely at home. Home doesn't feel much like home anymore, get? Sheesh! Life agak menyedihkan disini.. Macam tak sangka yang suatu hari Wanie akan bersedih hati tentang perihal keluarga. AHHAHA!! Sangat kelakar.. Dalam perjuangan Wanie untuk mendapatkan kebebasan , ada juga perasaan mahu dikongkong seperti ini.. AHHAHA!!
Pardon me.. I believe I'm having a weird phase right here.. I AM talking funny these days.. Something's VERY wrong with my tongue.. Huuuu..
Eeeeeeeekk~! What I felt all these while was not what I thought it was! Huhuuu! I think some part of me just wanted to win.. Get? Well, Ana get me, anyways! Heehee~ you roxX!

Can't get me down~


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