Monday, March 17, 2003

This is going to be long week!! Got plenty of stuff I should do.. just hope that I have the time to get it all done. Huhuu.. Kinda suxx! I hate thinking about time, 'coz I'm easily freaked out by it!! Stupid timing!!!
Got Fundamental to work on.. Expression group to find (which I've turned pretty much bored by it, and may not give much damn about it in a minute!) Maybe I won't even care if we won't find a group to help. Maybe I wouldn't even care if I have to repeat this stupid year just because of this stupid subject! Why? Because I'm so damn bored!!! And when I'm THAT bored, I couldn't care less about anything! Honestly, I don't give a shit! Ape nak jadi, jadilahh! Silekan.. dengan tangan terbukaaa~ I did what I can, and now I'll just leave it like that. I'll work on my journal, yes.. and maybe on my finals.. but about this group.. I've had it with asking around like a lunatic. I got plenty more stuff in my mind.
Graphics!! Urghhh!! Pagemaker kinda suxx!! I'm terrible at it!! Well, honestly.. I'm terrible at many things.. but this one is absolutely.. horrible!! I'm in a real situation here when I'm so freaked out about time that I got so nervous that I can't think straight! Huwaaaa!!! HELP!! I can't do Pagemaker!! Huwaaa!! I can't work even a bit of it!! Help!! Dani help!! Huhuu..! Eyh eyh.. maybe you fellas can work on the Pagemaker and me and Ana will find the articles, eyh? Ekekkeke!! Pagemaker suxX!!
Demmit!! It's half past five and I'm still awake!!!!! Huwaaaaaaaa!!! It's gonna be such a long week..
I don't know what keeps me going these days. I can't think of anything nice that have kept me standing. What aa? Things have been going down lately.. when I thought I had more of time.. that's when I was reminded that I don't!! And I'm missing Dida so much!! Huwaaaaa!! I feel like crap!! Caged and trapped..! Duk kat MMU dengan penuh ketensionan.. Duk kat umah dengan penuh kebosanan.. Sangat sangat dowwnnn...
Gosh, I read the entry in my diary on Friday.. it was really depressing.. And I wish not to write those kind of stuff again.. 'Coz if I do it too often, then I'll truly believe that I'm totally lost...

Starlight, starbright.. first star I see tonight..


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