Sunday, March 09, 2003

Jealousy stinks!
I'm hooooooooommmeee!! Well, practically home, that is.. ^_^
Pangkor was neat, really!! Tiring, yes.. but NEAT!
{Going} Hahhha!! Me and Ana got on a bus in the afternoon.. went to Mid Valley!! AHHAHA! Bought some stuff for the trip.. Kinda interesting, that we survived the ride.. all by ourselves! ^_^ Got back to MMU around 7, and packed our stuff in a real rush. Met my parents some while.. and got our stuff down.. So we left MMU around 12:30 am by bus. The ride was pretty okaaay.. Ana kinda 'hurt' me with her weird way of sleeping. Huhuu.. We all sat at the back of the bus. Fooled around with the other fellas. Arrived at Lumut around 5:30 am, I think! Hung around there 'til our ferry gets there. Practically waited 'til the sun was up. The ferry ride was kinda funny.. We sat at the first class room.. and there was the telly.. playing those dance music karaoke.. There was that Dr Bombay's songs.. And that "oo ii uu aa aa" song.. AHHAHAH!! And we did sang to some of them. Ekkekke! And the bus ride from the jetty towards Teluk Dalam Resort was waaaaaaaaay crazy! AHHAHAH!! It was real fast! And pretty much neat!! Ahhahha!! Just like one of those thrill rides in fun fairs.. ^_^
{There} After resting a while.. me. BJ and Ana decided to go out and realized that we were a bit late for the first telematch.. it was a really nice watch!! (BJ and Ana joined in Upih Pulling and Water Balloon Passing and the Volley Ball match) Screaming around like crazy.. yeahh.. that's totally for me! ^_^ Then we went into a phase of addiction for Fusball/Foosball/Foolsball (??) Ahhahha!! I really don't know what's the right spelling for it. I played like crazy.. but at least I get to score some! AHHAHAHHA!! Later on, I watched Fariz and Azrin ('aight?) played Pool.. Huu.. not something that I felt like trying. Heh~! And saw a bit of Sheeya and BJ playing Water Polo in the pool. (They were LOUUUD!!) After dinner, there was this karaoke session.. Let me say this.. I hate microphones!! 'Coz I hate the way I sound and having it amplified, just suxX!! Wekk~! Gonna run away from microphones after this. Sheesh~!
It rained the next morning.. Hehhh~! Woke up around.. 8 something I think.. then me and Ana went to Fina, BJ, Sheeya and Azura's bungalow to wake them up.. Honestly, I don't have much memory about that morning.. Huuum.. Did that sand sculpture after breakfast. We (committee members) did a sea-horse which apparently got drunk 'coz it drank to 100 Plus.. Hahhha!! Tariq melalut sungguh.. And then watched BJ being thrown to the sea by Ros 'coz it was her birthday! Then, it rained, as we had our lunch. At three, we were told to sketch some stuff.. and mine was super-duper-ly childish!! I think even 5 year-olds can do better! Urrghh!!! Then, when I thought I can get some shut-eye right at the beach (the wind was fantastic!!) BJ went around with Puan Elyna and Encik Najib as they fly the kite.. so I had to follow them around as well.. HAHHAHA!! It was such a great watch!! It was really REALLY neat!!! Then, while Fina and BJ watched around the kites, me, Ana and Sheeya played in the waters.. Funny really! I know it's a bit kinky, but we played at the beach 'til our panties were filled with the sands!! AHHAHA!! Had to squint around to get 'em out! HAHHAHHA!! Then I joined the volleyball game. NEAT!! Played with Tariq, Dani, Yus, Encik Anis, Harris, Sharul, Ahmadsyah, Duku (? is that his nickname?), Amin, Sheeya, Ana, BJ and Fina.. We kept changing players so, mind you.. I might have forgotten some names! It was really fun!! Played 'til almost 7, I think! Sempat la membanggekan diri, dapat serve bola to the other side.. score some for the 'team'.. and terlangga Tariq mase keja bola.. gile sakit rusuk time tu, but tahan je lerRrR.. takkan nak usik-usik lak kan.. Nanti orang kate kite pegang menda lain lak! AHHAHHA!! Got a real bruised arm! Macam kapilari pecah..! Pun tahan ajelaa.. biase sangat camtu dulu..Sape yang Wanie sempat tunjuk tu, sempat la nengok betapa teruknye rupe tangan Wanie! Kehkehkeh.. Mangadu je tau.. ^_^
It was the last night.. The theme was --Hawaiian Night-- and everybody came out with flowery clothes.. Ekkeke!! The night was pretty neat! I don't know what to say about it, really.. (I'm going back home in a bit, after all..!) I may be updating my webby soon, anyways! Maybe I'll get into detail in there with the pictures I have! ^_^ Weeeeeee~!!
{Going home} Woke up late the next morning.. Hahha!! Missed the breakfast and the Pangkor tour.. I didn't feel much lost though.. (Been to Pangkor twice! ^_^) And then it was time to get back to MMU.. Huuuuu..
Kinda sad, to be honest! I had a really nice time there in Pangkor! But everything has an end.. (and I do mean EVERYTHING!) And now I'm back in MMU.. and will be leaving for home in about 11 minutes.. Humm.. Things are just crazy! The way I feel is not at all synchronized with the way I think, and it stinks!! Jealousy stinks!!!

If jealousy is what I'm really feeling, then I must be losing my head!


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