Thursday, March 13, 2003

Jealousy stinks? Seems like EVERYTHING does!
What I thought was real.. was never true.. and what I felt has always been the same. Pahamkan ayat tu baik baik..
I guess it's just one of those days again.. when you wish you'd wake up in a different place. Stuff has been happening. Is it bad? Honestly, no! Things are actually going on great! But it's different on the mental side. Everything is almost perfect! Takde ape yang tak besh.. cuma tiba-tiba terasa tak besh.. Maybe it's the wind.. it came by and blew away this cheeriness that usually lingers around me.
Kinda thought of stopping this blog. Seems like I've been talking too much crap lately. And I seem so depressed lately, and that shouldn't be the way that I potray myself! Hahhaha~ Maybe that's what I need. And maybe my Y!M as well.. I can't lie on how I feel.. but I'm getting sick of people keep asking me --are you okay? - are you alright? - i'm here if you need to talk..-- *Demm* I'm not really the "keeping-to-myself" type! If I wanna talk, I'll talk!!
I'm so tired of these facade..! Seems like it'll never end!!
So! Mind you, I may not be posting much after this.. at least, that's what I'll try to do.. O yeah, fairies is just fantasies!! So why did I got jealous again?? Owhh.. stupidity, of course!!
Current Song : Need To Be Next To You by Leigh Nash
~ So afraid of what I feel inside ~

"I'm sitting right here, thinking of a name for this. If friendship isn't it, can you tell me what it is?"


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