Monday, March 17, 2003

L* Pt. 2

I was talking to my brother over the phone when my best friend stormed into my room with tears in her eyes.
"Love sucks!!" She screamed.
"Hey, what's that?" My brother asked since he overheard my friend's voice.
"I'm gonna have to call you back, bro!" And I have my full concentration on my friend after I placed the receiver. "What's up?"
"Did I ever tell you that love is waaaay over-rated?" She started.
"Umm.. nope!"
"Well, it is! Don't ever trust a guy! They're all lies!"
"Umm.. my brother and dad aren't!"
"'Coz they're family! The other men you know and may know in the future are all lies!"
"Really? Then how come my other best friend is a guy, and I trust him with all my life?"
"Don't say that! You may regret it!"
"Hey, you know him! Look into my eyes and tell me that he cannot be trusted." and I stared at my friend who suddenly went speechless.
"Point taken, but.. but..!"
"Now, relax would you? Tell me what this is all about."
"I just can't believe that I fell in love with a pig! Y'know.. all he said was sweet talks and I can't believe that I bought it all!" She said and tears started running through her cheeks.
"Humm.. I guess everyone wants to believe that they have found love. I doubt that anyone knows what love is!"
"I do!"
"Really? What is it then?"
"Love.. is.. something that you.. err.."
"Something that you eat! Come on, have my chocolate bar. I know you love free chocolates!"
"Thank you! You rocks, you know that?"
"Of course I do.."
"And men sucks!"
"Of course they do.." I replied with a sly smile. We ended up laughing ourselves off while dissing about guys that day.

Makes me wonder, though.. if love hurts so much, why do people crave for it anyways?


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