Wednesday, March 19, 2003

L* Pt. 4

I really punched his face and it felt great!
"That was the lamest reason to break me up, you dumbass! You lost the spark? So have I, but I just waited y'know! I was willing to make this work, somehow. And what, you think by treating me this ice cream will make me feel better? Here, have your ice cream!" And I squashed the cone right on his face.
Before I left, I managed to kick him once more.
"I regret the day I confessed to you!" He yelled at me and I spun to face him.
"And I regret the day I thought I loved you!" And I can't help running away.. crying.

"You could've been dumber.." I ran to see my girl friend. I don't think it would be wise to cry in front of a guy.
"I thought crying for a guy would've been the dumbest!"
"Nope.. it'd be the dumbest if you begged him to stay."
"Humm.. point taken. But I feel so hopeless.."
"And you punched and kicked him! That wasn't dumb at all!"
"Yeah, you're right.."
"And I know you weren't really ready for him anyways."
"Excuse me?"
"You still hang out with us more than you do with him. That's not really a sign of readiness.."
And I just nodded. She's right.. I wasn't really ready to stop hanging out with my girl friends, so why did I commit myself to it on the first place? Idiot!
"And hey.."
"You rock even more without him, y'know! You won't have to cover up if you wish to look at other guys!"
"Hahha!! I know.. thanks!" And I hugged her.
She's been such a terrific friend ever since I got to know her. She's witty, smart, respectable and appreciatable. Couldn't imagine life without her! Err.. I'm not turning into a lesbo, am I? But now it got me thinking.. how should I tell him? My guy friend. Ouch! This is going to hurt more than having a bowling ball dropped onto my feet.

Remind me again.. love sucks!


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