Thursday, March 13, 2003

Ate chocolate cake!! Dani bought it for the commitees.. especially for Liyana 'coz she's voted for the most dedicated commitee for the trip! Hahhaha!! Way fattening.. Not that I care.. it's just felt soooooo FAT! Hahhaha!! (What am I trying to say, again?)
Haven't done anything much today. Plenty of stuff I SHOULD do.. but I'm just way too.. how shall I say this.. uumm.. "crowded"! Hahhaha!! Just, my thoughts got so crowded these days. Macam.. ape yang dirasekan selama ni langsung tak sama dengan ape yang sebenarnye jadi.. agak paham ke? Well, just some horrible confusion I have in my thoughts and funnily.. I was the one who created this confusion. Apa pasal huh? Terasa agak buduh..

I am *demm* jealous, and should be over it by now.. but I can't!! Why is it so f*ing hard to saaaayyy!!!


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