Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Oww.. oww.. pain in the brain..
Huuhuuu.. been trying to find a punk rock-ish tune. Heehee~! I don't know how, but last night my head was pouring with rhymes and it's kinda suitable for a song.. but since I usually do ballads.. HAHHAHA!! I can't find the right tune for this one.. Huhuu.. Buduh!
Neways, if any of you have a neat tune.. tell me!! Really want to try on this lyrics.. Ekkekke!! (If you noticed, the 'rhymes' at the end of today's post.. they're some of the lines I wrote last night.. ^_^)
Heehee~ finally completed my Fundamental! It sucked, yeah.. the supposedly motion doesn't look like it's moving at all.. but h*ll, I'm finished!! Now.. coming up next, Maths!! Huhuu..

When we walked past a candy store
I'd ask for some and scream for more
So sure you'd want to walk out the door
But you stared and said, "How 'bout ten more?"


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