Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Aaaccckk!! I think I have this allergy to something. My bruise.. from that volley-ball, has somehow caused some rash on my arm! Huhuuu!! Gataaal!!! Tak tahan! Rashes all over.. this stinks!! Stinks as much as.. well, you know what!
And again I ask myself.. How can I make people understand without having myself saying what has been troubling me. Huuu.. Honesty agak suxX..!
Hahhaha!! Been spending the night with Asha in the room! She's really neat!! AHHAHAH!! Been messing around with the guitar! And it's really REALLY neat 'coz we all (Asha, Sheeya, myself, Fina and Ana) created this one neat song!! Hahhahaa!! Thought of creating another song tomorrow!! AHHAHA!! 'Coz it was so neat!! Now we have two songs!! AHHAHA!! (Funny how the song... aaah, never mind!)
Okaay.. let's just say.. that phase of jealousy I had have decreased by point zero-nine. Hahhha!! Stuff gets hurtful when things being kept inside. Ekk? Bodo btol rase.. 'coz I chose to keep it than say it.. very much unlike me, huh?? But I just decided to let somebody else say what they feel first before I do.. Hahhaha!! Bior laa.. blaja bersabo sket! Akkakka!! Let's just see how long I can keep this one, okie? ^_^
Tripod still suxX! So.. the photos won't be up by this night-lah! Nengok ajelaa bile siap nanti haaa... ^_^

And why did I stare at my phone, waiting for you to say "hi"?


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