Monday, April 07, 2003

Ahhahah!! Buat false alarm..
Told my friends that I was going back today.. even asked Nina to tell Papa to pick me up around 8.. made dinner plans with Mama.. Can you believe that the three of us were in Yahoo! Conference earlier this evening? Ahhahaha!! Well, cancelled it quite last minute since.. err.. okie, let me start from the very beginning. Ehek!
So, we started looking for a house, 'aight for next trimester? We contacted an agent in Cyberia.. they helped us pretty much! The first time we met them, they were reaaaaaaaaally warm! Ahahha!! 'Coz it was raining and me and Fina and BJ were all wet 'coz we walked to their office. They were offering us hot Milo laah.. roti laah.. Heeheehee! Very friendly, indeed. So anyways, after some choices were lain laid in front of us, maseh tak jumpe prospek yang menarik ati. And today, they messaged me through Y! M and asked if we've found anything yet, and I said no.. and asked some stuff and they have this unit that would be perfect for us!! Agaknye laa.. ehheheh! So we'll be having a meeting at 11 tomorrow morning.. Someone help me to wake up!! Uhuuu..
Last night, ingat nak balek dah.. kitorang (me, Ana and Asha) lepak on Ana's bed.. borak-borak. Gile aaah! Tiga orang in one bed is absolutely uncomfortable.. but very good for a midnight chat. Though.. Ehehe! Mase tu sampai kul 6 pagi pon. Woke up around 11 and didn't get back to sleep after that.. so I'm really reaaaaaaaally tired right now, but takde mood nak tido.
Ohh!! Pasal false alarm.. Besh jekk! Terharu tau mengingatkan rakan-rakan yang ingatkan kite nak balek.. ehhehe! Ablen's status was touching.. ekkeke! And Dar lak tak tido petang sebab ingat orang dah nak balek! Ekekke!! Korang smer memang besh!! Okie.. reaaaaaaaally reaaaaaally hope that last night's promise will happen next trimester. Sedih tau kalau tak jadik! Ekekke!
Okie.. hopefully tomorrow's meeting will be great!

I don't know how to connect, so I disconnect*


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