Sunday, April 06, 2003

*Why am I still single?*
Ekkeke.. did the EMODE test on that.. kinda interesting really.. So what did I get?? I am still single 'coz I *don't want to commit*! Which is pretty much true.. AHHAHA!!
Nak bace Wanie bercerita? Ehhehe! When I look at my friends with their couple.. sometimes I CAN get jealous.. tapi takdelaa sangat.. 'coz mostly, my thoughts would go like.. "camne diorang leh same-same lama camtuu???" Ekkekke!! I really can't imagine myself so commited like Fina and Amal.. huhuu! And well, obviously depend so much on my friends! Well, not really.. but if I were to chose between my friends and a special friend.. I would probably choose my friends!! Ekkeke! Maybe 'coz I haven't find someone that I reaaaaaaaaally want to spend time alone with.. AHHAHHA!!
Tapi serius aa!! Tengok Ana ngan Jai.. tengok Fina and Amal.. I just can't imagine myself in their places.. Nape cam restricted sangat commitment nih ekk? Macam-macam kene jage ekk? Jage ati orang ni keje yang susah.. and Wanie cam tak sesuai jek! AHAHHA! Serius tak ready! Gile gile gileee!! Bergayut kat fon lama-lama lagi.. Huhuu! Takleh imagine.. camne kalau leh jumpe ari-ari pon nak bergayut laie ekk?? Gile gile gilee!! Semua ni tak masuk akal pada Wanie.. Sometimes cam tak caye jek Wanie penah gone through this.. AHHAHAH!!
So.. being surrounded by couples didn't really make me feel like I should get someone to call my own.. Tapi made me realize how I'm not up for it!! Undeniably, one day Wanie mungkin akan terminat kat sape sape.. 'coz all the peeps around me are so nice..! Baik sangat sangat.. tapi maybe I'll choose to like him from afar, and not getting myself commited. Realize jugak.. I am better as a friend, than a 'special friend'.. Actually menda tu dah lamaaaaa tau.. but, biaselaa.. menggatal! Ekkekke!! So kite tengok ajelaa camne nanti.. siapa yang maybe dapat tarik Wanie from my group of friends.. Ehkehehkeh!!
But for the time being.. I don't feel like getting myself commited to anyone, but myself!!! (ye kee?) Well, at least that's what Papa suggested.. Ekkekkeke!!

Pening aa pikir pasal umah.. huwaaa!!


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