Monday, May 26, 2003

Budus punye cite Jepun!
I know it's silly for getting mad at a Japanese series, but I spent last night watching this Japanese series called Summer Snow and I hate it for it touched me!! AHAHHAHA!! A story about this girl, who has a heart problem.. and fell in love with this guy who adores her as well.. and he promised her that he'll be there with her no matter what. Her heart's condition was getting bad, and the only thing that can keep her living is a heart transplant. And, she did have the operation, and that guy was with her when she woke up, with some bruises 'coz he just had an accident. And so, he managed to gave her a necklace that he kept for her.. And it gets weird, that whenever she's talking to him.. and someone interfered, he'll disappear.. and he keeps wearing the same piece of clothings.. Huwaaaaa!! Sedih taau! I cried like a baby.. stupid! If you still don't get it.. the guy actually died.. from the accident, and the heart that was transplanted in the girl was his! Sedihhhhhhhhh!! I was crying.. at 4:10 am. Stupid!!!! So he did keep his promise.. that he'll be there with her forever.. Aaaarrrrrgh! Benci~! Okay, ingat ekk! Kalau Wanie sakit jantung, pastu Wanie suka someone.. jangan kasi dia kasi jantung dia kat Wanie tau. I think I'd rather die than living off with his heart.. isyk! Tak sanggup..
Okay.. got class at 9! Gotta have my sleep.. can't be late for anything again.. Maybe I'll say more in the morning. Nak try open disket blog offline, but disket buat hal.. hummph!

Break at the bend = Patah di bengkok (Dar bengong!)


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